David Propst
Mandolin / Lead Vocals

Some of David’s earliest bluegrass memories include listening to old Carter Family, Monroe Brothers, Blue Sky Boys and Ernest V. “Pop” Stoneman 78 rpm records on his Dad’s old wind-up Victrola. The song that actually got him really wanting to play bluegrass came in 1965 when he first heard the original version of “Bringing Mary Home” by the Country Gentlemen on the radio. He decided to venture back and gather records he could listen to of the classics as to get a feel for the roots of the music, so he starting listening to Flatt & Scruggs, the Stanley Bros., Don Reno & Red Smiley (whom he’d watch on a local TV show), Jim & Jesse, Jimmy Martin, Bill Monroe and The Country Gentlemen. The very first instrument he learned on was a Truetone guitar from Sears & Roebuck that was given to him by his grandmother. He then started fooling around a little with the banjo that his dad bought for himself to learn to claw-hammer banjo on. Later, David played guitar and sang out at picnics and churches with his buddy who played the banjo, Bugsy Frank. Later, he was given the choice of either playing the fiddle or the mandolin with a small family band that asked him to help out on gigs. In the end, he did chose the mandolin, and is glad that he did. He was even part of that small family band when they ventured and started what is now known as The Lucketts Community Center Bluegrass Music Series, back in the mid-1970’s. David is best known for his driving chop and expert leads, skillfully melding contemporary and traditional influences to create a style uniquely his own. He attributes his playing style from the influences of such greats as, Doyle Lawson, Jimmy Gaudreau, Sam Bush, Buck White, Dempsey Young and Bill Monroe. His own family bluegrass heritage and his church singing helped him refine his vocal abilities, which do range from a boisterous tenor, to a strong lead, to a rich baritone. With more than thirty-five (35) years of professional bluegrass experience, David has become well known in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington D.C. areas by musicians and fans alike. He had honed his musical skills and talents by also previously performing out with such bands as The Puckett Brothers, Leon Morris & the Associates, Excalibur, Special Blend, Second Time Around, Paul Adkins & the Borderline Band, The Fox Family, The Travelers, Fastest Grass Alive, Line Drive, John O’Dell & Windy Ridge, The Shenandoah Blue Band, Darren Beachley & the Maryland Line, The Darren Beachley Band and most recently, The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band. David’s band contributions do include songwriting, set arranging, musical arrangements, bookings, and does serve as the front-man for the band. He currently resides in the Eldersburg, MD area.


Tom Reeves
Bass Guitar / Harmony / Lead Vocals

Tom was born in Havre De Grace, Maryland but his family roots are solid in the hills of Virginia and Caroline. With many relatives singing and playing, the learning of old time, bluegrass, country, and church hymns came quite easy. His formative years was shaped mostly by The Seldom Scene, New Grass Revival, County Gentlemen, and The New South. Later becoming interested in great lyrics he studied a lot of Prine, Lightfoot, and Dylan. For about 40 years now he has been playing bass with area bands including Southwind,Excalibur, Leon Morris, Dean Sapp, The Satyr Hill Band, and Darren Beachley.

For relaxation he enjoys hiking, biking, fishing, bowling, and helping others with home improvements.

George Osing

George Osing is a long time veteran banjo player from Ellicott City, Maryland. He grew up in a house filled with music, especially classical piano music from his father. George’s style is all his own, but influenced by star performers such as Ben Eldridge, Gene Parker, Alan Munde and others. His breaks and back up are tasteful and he tries to compliment the other musicians in the band. George has performed with many bands in the local area. Some of them include The Satyr Hill Band, Harford Express, The River Hill Band, The Darren Beachley Band and Blue Octane. His passion other than music is fishing the Chesapeake Bay.


Rick Miller
Acoustic Guitar / Lead Vocals

Having spent his formative years playing in Church, in his early teens Rick began playing as a professional musician, which helped hone his abilities, as he learned various vocal parts and electric and acoustic guitar techniques. He also toured with the Christian group, The King’s Minstrels, which helped to develop a fine foundation for the melodic and tightly woven harmonies found in Bluegrass music.
Rick also taught guitar at three different studios in his mentor’s stead after his retirement, finally attending college as a music and business major. Rick performed in many genres of music including rock, jazz and classical ensembles. Rick’s early musical influences include the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Heart, continuing into the classical influences of guitarist Andre Segovia, Christian artist John Michael Talbot, and country legends Hank Williams and Merle Haggard.
Rick was first exposed to live Bluegrass music when the Osborne Brothers opened for Dolly Parton in the early 1970’s in Baltimore. “Once I heard that high harmony, the Bluegrass bug bit me hard!” A few years later, a young banjo player who worked at Baltimore Bluegrass, Mike Munford, introduced Rick to the world of guitarist Tony Rice, Dan Crary, Doc Watson and the J.D. Crowe Band. At that point, Rick traded in his electric guitar and amps for a flat-top acoustic. That’s when things really took off. “Seeing the Osbourne Brothers live and then much later, Tony Rice with J.D. Crowe & the New South, as well as New Grass Revival, Rick’s musical world would had changed forever. His continuing influences include the always perfect Allison Krauss & Union Station and Bryan Sutton, the new flat-top king.
Rick has performed with Bluegrass bands Chesapeake Ridge, Metro Grass, the Satyr Hill Band and Gamber Station. He is endorsed by Steve Longo instruments, Bob Schneider mandolins, C.F. Martin strings and guitars, and Blue Chip guitar picks. Rick resides in northeast Baltimore in the eclectic community of Gardenville.


Tom Lyons

From Hyattsville, MD- started playing classical violin at 8 and switched to bluegrass fiddle as an adult. Played around the Baltimore/Washington DC area for years with bands such as Windy Ridge, Dee Gunter and the Dukes Of Bluegrass, and Mike Garris and Area 51 to name a few. Has played on many stages throughout the area to include the Kennedy Center, 9:30 Club, The Birchmere and The State Theater. Currently playing with Only Lonesome in addition to Bluetrain.